Our Mission

TalkAfrique focuses on health, economic and social issues that affect developing countries. These include malaria, HIV, rural poverty, childhood education, maternal health and many other similar issues.

We also concentrate on areas of Career and Personal Development that are important to foreign professionals in today’s global economy. We will strive towards the idea that in global, information-driven, multicultural economic system, everybody deserves the right to be connected and equipped with the right information and resources to be competitive. We hope to create a community where users can find materials that cover issues on Professional Development, Personal Growth, Career Advancement, Career Planning, Career Tools (such as resume development, interviewing, etc) and Motivational articles.

Finally, we motivate the young and enthusiastic professionals, especially those from Africa, into social enterprising services towards developing communities around the continent and creating social changes.

Videos We Recommend

Bill Gates: Simple innovation that can transform the healthcare system and economies of Africa
Tony Blair: Helping African leaders govern is essential for development
Bill Clinton: The impact of Foreign Aid & AGOA
 Musician & activist Bono: What individuals citizens can do to change communities & the world 

To be a contributor or support our efforts, please email info@talkafrique.com